Bundled Container Expertise

Managing containers is time-consuming and requires experience. Ideally, the operational aspect occurs locally, right on the pulse of the container markets. Which is why we are represented by our subsidiaries in the important container markets: Hamburg, Singapore, Shanghai, London, and San Francisco.

Buss in Singapore

With the establishment of Buss Capital Singapore in 2006 Buss Capital extended it´s activities to the pulse of the container market: Singapore. The second biggest container port of the world is there located and with it one of the most important international container trading places. Today Buss Global Holdings, a company whose majority shareholders are Buss Capital shareholders Dr. Killinger and Dr. Baldeweg as well as Buss Global Holdings shareholder Danny Wong, bundles the activities in Singapore. This includes the shareholdings in the activly managed partnerships in Singapore as well as container broker and consulting activities. Buss Global Holdings also holds capital share in the containerleasing company Raffles Lease.

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Raffles Lease

Buss Capital Singapore Managing Director, Danny Wong, established the container leasing company, Raffles Lease, in 2006. Since 2011 Raffles Lease has been affiliated with Buss Global Group and is also headquartered in Singapore.

Raffles Lease currently manages over 160,000 CEU containers. In the tank container Segment Raffles Lease, with approximately 13,000 managed containers, is the sixt largest leasing company of the world.

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