Dr. Johann Killinger

Dr. Johann Killinger is the Managing Partner of the Buss Group. He was born in Hamburg in 1960. He completed his Second Legal State Exam in 1990 and then obtained his doctor of law degree. He career started his career at the Roland Berger management consultancy. Dr. Killinger joined the Buss Group in 1991; at the time his family had a minority stake in the company. He developed the logistics and real estate divisions and in 2002 he took over the majority stake in the Buss Group. In 2003 Dr. Killinger established Buss Capital.

Dr. Dirk Baldeweg

Dr. Dirk Baldeweg is, in addition to Dr. Killinger, the Managing Partner of Buss Capital. He was born in Hamburg in 1970. In 1996 he completed his studies in industrial engineering. One year later he started his career as a management consultant at Price Waterhouse. In 2002, Dr. Baldeweg and his business partners established the ConsultingKontor business consultancy. In 2005 he joined Buss Capital as a managing director. A year later he received his doctorate title Dr. rer. Pol.



Marc Nagel

Marc Nagel was born in Walsrode in 1973. While studying environmental sciences and economics he established a sales and marketing consultancy. After completing his studies in 2003 he worked in the funds industry at an emissions house for renewable energy. He joined Buss Capital in 2004. Mr. Nagel became an authorized representative in 2005, and in 2006 he was promoted to Managing Director for Sales and Marketing.